How To Protect Your Email Address from Spam

Most email users receive multiple spam emails a day. These can be emails from random companies, mailing lists, or strange addresses that look downright suspicious. No matter what the source, spam emails need careful handling. They can create a sense of irritation at first glance. But there is a more dangerous side to them. Scammers use this as a tool against vulnerable users. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them and protect your email address. The unwanted messages may still flow in, but their frequency would reduce, making your inbox cleaner than before. Here are a few tricks to manage them wisely.

Don’t give your email address to everyone

A personal email address contains critical information about your activities. That's why you would want to keep it safe from others. Please don't leave it in public forums or websites you cannot trust entirely.

Use a disposable email service

Some websites ask for email ids before giving access to their content. If you have a temporary email id, you can provide that instead of your actual account for its protection. You can try FakeMail to create one. Our temporary email service can keep your account safe from issues like spam, hacking, promotional messages, and others.

Get hold of spam emails through email filters

Some email services come with filters to track and remove spam. You can check their user guide to implement this. If some messages get marked as spam by mistake, you can correct them.

Block the spammers

Spam mails can still enter your inbox despite blocking a sender because spammers use multiple fake ids. If you continue to receive messages from the same address, you can block them from within the mail service you use. It wouldn't land in your inbox. Whether you have an account on Gmail, AOL, Outlook, or iCloud, you can refer to their user guide to understand the process. It is simple.

Avoid answering spam mails

You can feel tempted to write back to them out of irritation and frustration. But neither permanently removing spam emails from your contact list works nor does responding to them. You can end up getting more such mails as the sender would know your account is active.

Don’t take any action on spam emails

A spam message is spam. You don't have to doubt it unless you erroneously marked one so. Otherwise, it is better not to engage with them. They can ask you to click on a link or buy something. Avoid these entirely. Don't even unsubscribe, as spammers can access your personal information and share it with companies, paving the way for more spam emails to your inbox. These are some of the basic steps you can follow to protect your email address from spammers. If such messages continue to flood your mailbox, you can switch to a new email id. But when you do this, open a disposable email account too to tackle this issue from the beginning. It will allow you to have some mental peace and sanity.

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