Temporary Email Address: What Is It, and Why Do You Need One?

A disposable email service allows users to receive emails at temporary email addresses they create. Since it expires after a specified period, you refer to it as a temporary email address. You may wonder why you need these types of email ids when you already have Gmail, Outlook, and others. You may also be curious how they are different if both are email services. Well, temporary or anonymous email ids have a specific purpose than a regular email – they ensure confidentiality. Regular emails require personal details, while temporary or disposable emails don't. The primary email ids store your communications, but the latter one deletes them. You cannot remove your primary email address entirely. But you don't have to worry about this with the other one. You can refer to a temporary email as a throwaway email, disposable email address, or self-destructing email. No matter what you call it, you cannot ignore its privacy advantages.

Why use a disposable email address?

Some platforms ask for email IDs before giving access to their content. You can log into their site using a temporary one. Similarly, online shops also prompt you for the same. You don't have to think twice if you use a temporary id because all the promotional emails will land there. Your primary account will be clear. Then, you cannot create too many regular email ids from the same IP. There is a limit in terms of the choice of username combination too. On the other side, temporary mails don't have this issue. It is easy to create your account and get active. Another massive advantage of a temporary email address is safety against hacking threats. Since these don’t have a longer lifespan, spammers and hackers don’t target them. They focus on the regular ones. Do you want to open an account on a disposable email platform? At FakeMail, we can help you with our seamless and quick services. Once you create a temp email address, you can keep your privacy intact even when you participate in forums, instant messaging, or sweepstakes.

Is temporary email a way to have a safer online experience?

Many people use disposable mail services to keep their transactions separate from other critical communications. These make their online activity secure as they don’t store any private or personal details received from banks, government agencies, or such. Although the chances of hacking are pretty less, even if someone hacks it, they will not get any valuable information for their fraudulent activities. The internet has become a standard tool for everyone for personal interactions to business decisions in this time and age. And when it comes to correspondence, you depend on your email clients. While regular emails store sensitive details about you, it is better to have an additional email account that you can use for other less essential transactions. It will keep your primary source largely clear of spam. As a result, the risks of virus attacks and phishing can slowly go down. You can carry out your activities stress-free without worrying about the protection of your main account. Hence, it makes sense to think about disposable emails once.

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