Why Shouldn't You Share Your Email With Everyone?

Almost everyone has an email address today. What most people don't recognize is that email addresses are their publicly available pieces of personal information. You can think of a Social Security number or birth date as sensitive data. But you don’t reckon your email address as such, while identity thieves use these to get a peek into your financial health. Due to this, laws and regulations in different places have started counting emails as sensitive data. If the wrong person gets hold of your email address, it can be troublesome for you. There are legitimate reasons for recommending people and businesses against sharing their email accounts with anyone.

Why avoid giving your email address to everyone?

The data center of online activities

Your email address can open the doors for them to access your bank account and other platforms that you use. Since resetting a password using a primary email id is possible, it can be easy for hackers to take action and succeed.

Risk of identity theft

Phishers rely on emails to give shape to their motives. They design emails with excellent graphics, grammar, and spellings to appear authentic. It sometimes becomes difficult to ignore them as they talk about an existing or new account or any suspicious activity to draw your attention. For example, they can warn against penalties for not paying taxes to trigger a response from you. You can end up disclosing sensitive details or downloading any virus-infected attachment. The personal information you shared with them can enable them to deceive others using your identity.

A storehouse of sensitive data

Your email address can be a combination of your name and number or company. Even if it doesn’t contain your name, it can consist of your college name or favorite item. All these can seem useless as a standalone item. But scammers depend on these tiny bits to comprehend passwords, security answers, etc.

User ID

Many sites ask for your email address at different levels. They know you will want to get all the information in one place for ease of access. The same thing scammers need to make their job simple. When you use your email as a user ID, scammers can leverage them to hack your accounts.

What to do to minimize risks?

Every time you share your email ID with anyone, you start getting more spam emails. The purpose of spam emails can be to spy on your account or sell your personal information to other companies. However, disposable email services can take care of this problem to a great extent. You can give a temporary email id whenever you sign up for a service or on a platform and keep your primary email account safe from others. For help, you can check our platform FakeMail once. Protecting your email account is as necessary as any other sensitive piece of information or physical asset. If you don't keep it safe, you invite troubles through the same. Hackers, scammers, and spammers need an opportunity to enter into your inbox to do their job. That's why it is critical to safeguard your email.

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